Stories of Bristol

Stories of Bristol

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Reformers, inventors and history-makers from Britain's most interesting city. 

Stories that you've heard of - and a few that you haven't

- The day Bedminster was burned to the ground, changing the course of its history

- The Bristol surgeon who ignored the churchmen who said that women should suffer pain during childbirth, as it was God's will

- The female engineer who made a fortune from her inventions, then helped inspire her friend Brunel to design the Suspension Bridge

Every month in South Bristol Voice there's a new feature that opens up the past of our fascinating city.

Each one has a connection to the often-neglected area south of the river, but there's plenty to interest anyone with a curiosity about the story of Bristol.

From inventors to Blitz residents, Billy Butlin to social reformers, Stories of Bristol uncovers the people and the events which built Britain's most interesting city. 

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