Naked Guide To Bristol


Naked Guide To Bristol

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by Richard Jones and Gil Gillespie

'The Naked Guide to Bristol is the funniest, most comprehensive and best guidebook to Bristol there has ever been.'

'Taking an irreverent sharp stick and puncturing inflated hype and spin wherever it finds it, this guidebook gives you an up-close, in-depth and, above all, honest view of this great city.'

The Naked Guide to Bristol is a witty and informative guide to the sights and sounds of Bristol. Whether you're after a big sight-seeing weekend or out to uncover the secret spots in the city, this guide will have you there in no time.

Witty and informative - a must-read for tourists and locals alike.' Bristol Post

'I loved Bristol, I love the history of the city. It’s pretty amazing. There’s this book called The Naked Guide to Bristol and it’s incredible.' David Hasselhoff

Originally published in 2004, The Naked Guide to Bristol is now in its fifth edition. The book has been fully updated to include all the latest shops, bars and restaurants and the includes fold out maps on the front and back covers - Banksy's Bristol Tour and The Bristol Cider Map.


  • Area Guide from BS1 to BS8 with new sections on Fishponds and Brislington.
  • History of Bristol Politics, including an appraisal of Bristol's first Elected Mayor, George Ferguson
  • Bristol celebrities
  • Extensive history of Bristol music
  • Bristol architecture
  • Children's Bristol
  • Extensive listings for pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping, culture, media, sport, events and Gay Bristol