Mama Dlo

Sophie Bass

Mama Dlo

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Mama Dlo is the Mother of the Water. She rests by her river, naked and basked in sunlight, combing her long golden hair. Her body is iridescent, her tongue forked. Beneath the water’s surface she is a serpent. She is the healer and protector of the water and the animals that call it home. But she is fiercely, violently protective.

She waits, singing peaceful rhythms, running her fingers gently through the water’s ripples. Her prey are the hunters, the fishermen, the polluters. She shadows them silently upstream. Lingering for a golden moment, and then, in a flash, turning into nothing but burning sunbeams. One man cries “Did you see that fish jump out the water?” “I did! But I didn’t see it return!” They stand in eerie quiet, stupefied, then the crack of her heavy anaconda’s tail against the water. A flash beneath the water’s surface. One man peers in, seeing the face of a woman. Mesmirised, enchanted, he gets closer… in all her terrible beauty her hair turns to snakes, and her powerful tail pulls him under. He’s dead before his mates even know he was gone.

High quality Giclee print on 320gsm paper, available in A4 and A3 sizes. 
Signed by the artist Sophie Bass