Beautiful World Enamel Pin
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Beautiful World Enamel Pin

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This is a re-issue in NEW COLOURS of the now sold out Beautiful World pin from the 2018 Limited Edition collection of the same name...

At times, within our busy lives and amidst the horror of the news it's important to try and step away from the overwhelm and appreciate what wonders are there if only we look for them. From the insects in paving cracks and animals going about their day to the sheer joyfulness of the natural world, the love we have for those we care about and the small comforts found in objects with sentimental meaning. Beauty can be found everywhere and anywhere, not least it can also be found deep inside each of us, we just have to remember to look for it sometimes don't we. Chinks of light and warm glows in quiet moments.

This pin badge is inspired by all of the above...we do indeed live in a beautiful world! It is made from hard cloisonne enamel and your choice of gold or silver plated metal.


Pin measures approx 4.5cm tall.

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