Don Pedro presents: Politics & Protest

Don Pedro presents: Politics & Protest

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One of Tangent Books’ best-selling titles is now in its third edition with 32 extra pages, a new cover and new sections to include the 2017 general election, Trump, Brexit, Occupy and much more.

Don Pedro is a serial photographer and since 2000 he has amassed a photographic collection of public expressions of protest in the form of subvertised billboards, posters, stickers and graffiti which give voice to various forms of protest.

Most of the images were captured in Bristol, as Don Pedro moved around by foot or by bike documenting images of protest whether or not they match his view of the world. These expressions of protest were all placed in public view without permission – a political act in itself.ᅠ

Don Pedro is an anonymous photographer who roams the streets of Bristol recording how people express their opinions through subverting advertising billboards, writing on walls, producing stickers and putting notes in windows. The billboards of Bristol in particular have long been a playground for a quick-witted group of political activists and anarchists who, under cover of darkness, subvert the corporate messages with their own slogans.

Although the subvertisers' work is often quickly removed, Don Pedro has taken hundreds of images of the billboards and stickers.

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