Bedminster's Tobacco Women

Bedminster's Tobacco Women

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By Helen Thomas, Rosie Tomlinson, Mavis Zutshi

Using the stories told by 23 former workers in the Wills tobacco factories of Bedminster and Ashton, the book offers a glimpse into what life was like in the industry that dominated south Bristol.
Bedminster Tobacco Women offers a glimpse into what life was like for workers in the Bedminster and Ashton tobacco factories. The book draws on stories told by 23 local people. Their experiences cover almost 50 years of every kind of job: hand stripping the tobacco leaves, making cigars and cigarettes, security, cooks, cleaners, office staff and management. For about 100 years Bedminster and Ashton were dominated y the red brick buildings of Wills and other tobacco firms. Tobacco was a major part of Bristol's industrial and civic heritage, but partly because of its uncomfortable connotations it is in danger of being quietly forgotten. Bedminster Tobacco Women is a testament to all those who worked for Wills, but especially to the thousands of local women whose voices deserve to be heard.
Published by Fiducia.

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