Camo Dungarees
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Camo Dungarees

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Camo Dungarees


- Made from original army poly-cotton fabric, this fabric is extremely durable, water resistant and hard wearing.

- Handpicked army camouflage print

- Recommended low temp wash.


All our clothing is unisex and made to more or less one size. Through lots of research and testing outs on friends we believe we have formulated the right size to fit nearly everyone! We have designed all our clothing to have an oversized style and to be comfortable. 

Balulu is a fun filled ethical fashion brand. From India to the UK, we believe in supporting local business to create weird and wonderful clothes for weird and wonderful people. All the clothes are made from natural materials and Bedsheets! They are all my designs and all the fabrics are hand selected by myself. Each piece is very individual and you will never find more than a couple of each style. A lot of them are one offs! I visit my tailor every year and together we create these cool, colourful and crazy designs to play and party in. 

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