Lion Print Organic Baby Joggers

Lion Print Organic Baby Joggers

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Made by Bristol's own KOWIKBABY - These Pocket Joggers have been cut from gloriously soft and bright cotton lycra jersey in a stretchy and comfortable regular fit style perfect for wriggly babies or adventurous toddlers and kids alike.

They have been cut from the highest quality PREMIUM, DESIGNER, ORGANIC cotton jersey. It has some Lycra for added comfort, shape retention and durability. 

They have been cut with a yoga type waistband, therefore removing the need for uncomfortable elastic and tight pinching of soft skin. They have been cuffed in the same coordinating jersey. These cuffs won't dig uncomfortably into ankles, but will ensure that the joggers stay comfortably in place. They include two lined and cuffed pockets for serious cute factor, and stashing potential for little secrets.

All KOWIKBABY's items are professionally finished with the utmost attention to design and quality, including serged/overlocked seams for strength and comfort.

This pair have been cut from a repetitive bold lionflower print in autumnal hues of orange, brown,beige, yellow, black and white. They are shown cuffed in orange jersey, with the pocket trim made of the same. 

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